Less Plastic. More Fish

ACE BP weighs 66% of the weight of a roto-molding TUB.
This means that a refrigeration truck can carry 7% more fish when using an ACE BP than a Roto-molding TUB.


Better Temperature Control

The advantage of using an isolated TUB has become redundant with the transition to a chilled logistic chain. An isolated TUB prevents good temperature control of the fish during transportation. A single-sided injection box enables more efficient cooling of the fish.


More Boxes in your cold storage

The footprint of the ACE BP is 93% of a Roto-molding TUB. This means that in a 1000 m² cold store, 245 more ACE BPs can be stored than Roto-molding TUBs.


Lower contamination risk

When cracks are created in the wall of the TUB, contaminated water enters in between the two layers of the walls and is trapped there without being able to drain. In time bacteria is created between the layers that can contaminate the fish in the box.


Unbeatable price

The Roto-molding technology of the TUBs production is very expensive and as a result TUBs are about two times more expensive than injected molded BPs. In a world where manufacturers are trying to streamline and reduce production costs, there is no justification for paying too much for BPs.

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