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Dolav products are specially designed to meet the highest hygiene standards including smooth walls, rounded corners and special features to maximize the safe handling of fresh produce.

Extreme temperatures

Dolav products can withstand a temperature range from -40°C up to +60°C, which makes them extremely suitable for use in cold stores and blast freezers.

Stacking method

Our unique stacking method enables stack loading of up to 8 box pallets in cold storage with great confidence.

Impact resistance

Our unique technologies enable the production of strong yet flexible HDPE plastic products that are resistant to high-impact contact, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Special dimensions

We can produce custom boxes with different dimensions according to client requests, such as taller boxes for the harvesting of fruit. Our box pallets can be adjusted in height, length and width to meet your specific needs.

Return on investment

Dolav solutions are known worldwide due to the strength of the products and durability. Customers all over the world keep choosing Dolav for a better return on investment.

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