Plastic Pallets

The advantages of Dolav plastic pallets

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Dolav pallet is the perfect solution and ideal for intensive logistic use. They are made of high-quality plastic which makes them an all-rounder in the logistics industry.

The Dolav pallet is a variety of reusable plastic pallets which are suitable for intensive use in logistics.

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What are the economic benefits of Plastic Pallets?


First of all – it is made of durable plastic that makes it versatile and reusable, meaning that each surface holds much longer and wear is low. Second – it is much stronger than wooden pallets, which allows it to withstand greater loads and be much more restyling


How strong is the plastic pallet?


extremely. With reinforcement of internal steel rods it can hold up to about 7500 kg in static condition, regardless of the size of the surface. We build our pallets that will hold for a long time, survive as many uses as possible and will not be recycled after one use


Can Pallets be recycled?


certainly. Our Pallets are made of recyclable plastic. In addition, the material from which they are made has health benefits: it is made from a much more synthetic and hygienic material than wood, which is especially important in sensitive industries. It can also be cleaned or disinfected when needed and of course – does not absorb water.

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