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1. How can I place an order?
You can send your order to our email address here or contact our customer service department.
2. What material is used for the box pallets?
DOLAV box pallets are made out of high density polyethylene structural foam (HDPE). We use a unique material formula in our self-developed production process which makes them strong, can withstand impact and be used in a wide range of temperatures.
3. Why choose Dolav box pallets?
Our experience, know how and customer proximity combined with our competent service offers you the perfect solution for your needs. The DOLAV box pallet is the strongest and most hygienic box pallet on the market confirmed and approved by customers and renowned institutions all over the world.
4. Is DOLAV material food approved?
All DOLAV materials and therefore also all DOLAV products are food approved. Further information can be found here [Insert Link to declaration of compliance].
5. What is the minimum order quantity?
For standard and customised boxes in a standard colour we do not have a minimum order quantity. If you want a specific colour that is not in our standard portfolio, please check with us for the minimum quantity. For any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
6. What’s the difference between Dolav boxes and other pallet boxes?
The main difference between DOLAV boxes and other box pallets is the durability. While other boxes break DOLAV boxes don´t even shake. The special production process, material and construction of the DOLAV boxes makes them more durable than comparable products. It is proven that DOLAV boxes have a 4 to 6 or even up to 10 times higher lifetime than other boxes in the market
7. Do you offer a repair service?
You can repair your DOLAV box up to 60% faster than other boxes on the market. The reason for this is the special material that makes the box bend instead of breaking in to small parts. We have been working together with specified and competent partners in repair for decades.
8. How long is the delivery time?
The duration of the delivery time is dependent on the order quantity and product. The estimated delivery time of a standard article in a standard colour is around 4 to 5 days from our warehouse to your premises. If you have further questions regarding a delivery time of a product contact us here
9. Is a DOLAV box pallet recyclable?
Sustainability is important for us. All DOLAV products can be 100% recycled.
10. Can I customise Dolav products?
You can customise in a number of different ways. For example, wheels, doors, special length or height. We can also develop your box solution together. Feel free to contact us.
11. How long does a Dolav box last?
The life time of a pallet box is always a matter of correct handling. Some of our customers have boxes in daily use since they were bought in 1988. In general we have the experience that the DOLAV box pallets last 4 to 6 or even up to 10 times longer than comparable products.
12. Where are DOLAV boxes produced?
With customers all over the world we are dedicated to supply you in your country as fast as possible. For this reason, we produce in three production sites. From France, North America and our Headquarters in Israel we deliver your product as fast as possible to your plant.
13. Do you offer cleaning of pallet boxes?
Hygiene is getting more and more important in the modern industry. Because of this we are in contact with cleaning companies that have focused on this issue for decades. If you need help to find your right partner in cleaning don´t hesitate to contact us.
14. How do I know it´s an original DOLAV?
To guarantee you the DOLAV quality, we place a small branded DOLAV logo on all our products. With our logo you can identify if it is an original DOLAV or not.
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