Henrik Vestergaard, operational chairman, said, “We use Dolav plastic containers because of the durability and they can take the 900 kg we put in the boxes. Dolav boxes are UN approved and last longer than other boxes. We used Dolav containers for one year and we are very happy that only three are broken and we can repair the boxes ourselves.”


H J Hansen recycles everything from batteries to iron. It recycles annually more than 600,000 tons iron scrap and has the largest shredder in Northern Europe with more than 8,000 brake horsepower.


The Dolav Ace is also widely used to contain lead-acid batteries for recycling in other countries including Spain and the UK where many operators call it ‘The Battery Ace’ because of it outlasts other plastic pallet boxes in this very demanding application. When ‘abuse tested’ by TÜV SÜD, the Dolav Ace out-performed and outlasted all other plastic pallet boxes on test.

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