Before introducing DOLAV Box Pallets into the company, they used a combination of plastic boxes and steel racks. These boxes were not stackable nor rotatable, and the percentage of broken boxes totalled between 30-40% each year.


Company Director Mr. Zhang, met Dolav at China’s biggest seafood exhibition in 2016. He saw that DOLAV ACE boxes as an efficient solution to his handing problems. Concerned as much about efficiency as equipment durability, Mr. Zhang thought that the contents of food additives in the box could be stacked in layers, and during the production, they could be emptied into the feeder of the processing line by a rotating device, without the worry of safety or breakage of the boxes.


Following a trial of 27 DOLAV ACE boxes in 2017, the company started to introduce the DOLAV boxes in their material handling processes and ordered a further 305 DOLAV ACE pallet boxes at the end of 2018.


The food additives being stored in the DOLAV ACE boxes are with probiotic material which demands aerobic respiration during storage and the perforated DOLAV ensures the air circulation for these probiotic materials. The DOLAV boxes are fully loaded and are able to be kept outdoors. They are made from EU & FDA certified materials with UV stabliser, which one could hardly find from the local counterpart products.


DOLAV’s structural foam technology made the ACE Pallet Boxes more rigid and abuse resistant than that of the other boxes Mr. Zhang had previously been buying, and as promised, more DOLAV ACE perforated boxes were ordered in 2019.

“DOLAV has greatly improved our work efficiency by giving us reliable and long life secure material handling solutions” said Mr. Zhang.

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