Dear Customers, Partners and Suppliers,


Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic, it is an international crisis affecting the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries around the world.


The impact of this pandemic virus goes beyond the medical aspect and involves all areas of our life, turning our business routine into a new challenge.
Dolav, as a leader company in the market, serves many essential industries such as the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors and has a deep commitment to contribute to the global efforts to deal with this crisis.


As a Customer driven company and in order to keep providing the best service to our customers, we have implemented extensive measures around the world to maintain safe working environments and give our personnel the resources needed to ensure their safety and well-being, while continuing to provide the best commercial support through these demanding times.


Despite the difficulties and uncertainty that we are all experiencing, today Dolav’s motto, with our Pioneering Mindset, is always looking at every challenge as an opportunity too.


Over the past few weeks ו have been reminded again that Dolav’s family is made up of people who are truly committed to our mission of Sustained Excellence and we keep working hard to provide the best service as always. ו want to express my deep appreciation to Dolav’s team for this fantastic job and for the commitment and professional attitude in these challenging times.


I want also to wish good health to all of you and your families. I know we’re going to get through this, together.


Dolav is here to support you today and always and our team is available for any questions or concerns you might have.


Please also feel free to contact me directly.


Sincerely yours

Celso Hamer

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