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Your future DOLAV box pallet is made of smooth surfaces making them easy to clean, without giving up the typical DOLAV strength

One Piece moulding

Thanks to our unique production process you will get a pallet box with integrated runners, making tipping even safer!

Detectable material

Make your products the safest they have ever been and end plastic contamination easily by using our innovative boxes made of detectable material.


Sensitive goods such as foods need extra protection: our antimicrobial material prevents microorganisms developing and spreading, securing your production all the way from the beginning.


DOLAV structural foam means thicker walls, stronger edges and an extraordinary lifespan, making you invest in a partner for life.

Suitable for Cold Stores

Whether -40°C or +60°C – your future DOLAV is prepared for extremes; from cold storage to deserts and everything in between.

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