AkkuGrain® is the first protective agent specially developed for the transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries. Made from purely organic components, AkkuGrain® only reacts in the event of a thermal runaway.

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Advantages of AkkuGrain®

Temperature management

AkkuGrain® ensures a temperature reduction in the event of a thermal runaway due to its composition.

Gas filtering

Components of the AkkuGrain® provide filtering of toxic and flammable gases such as HF (Hydrogen fluoride).


Due to its low specific density, AkkuGrain® is light, approx. half the weight of sand

Non-combustibility test

AkkuGrain® is officially classified and approved as a non-flammable filling material


AkkuGrain® can be reused as often as desired after transport without thermal runaway


AkkuGrain® is available in different bag sizes and as bulk material

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