Red plastic pallet boxes, the Dolavs, are left at around 200 of Keeble’s customers within 100-miles. They are collected in curtain-sided vehicles when full and empty red Dolavs are left to be refilled.

Keeble has more than 2000 pallet boxes from Dolav with most on customer sites with only about 200 back at the Rainham base being processed.

Daniel Keeble said, “We changed from metal containers to plastic because the Dolavs don’t need welding or repainting and they are easy to wash clean.” Daniel, whose company is the founder member of the Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA), said he looked at other plastic pallet boxes but bought the Dolav Ace for its three strong integral runners, quality and colour choice. His bespoke Dolavs have a perforated base for drainage. He wants a long life from them.

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