The effectiveness is convincingly demonstrated by a 5mm1 cube of Dolav plastic, containing Detectable Material, placed between processed meat slices. It is detected instantly. This is even better than the FDA guidelines2 on detecting foreign objects of a 7mm cube or greater in food products. It is available on modest sized orders.

Dolav detectable material adds modern, technical innovation benefits to the already proven performance of Dolav plastic pallet boxes and pallets. Indeed, Campden BRI has tested and confirmed the Dolav Ace has, “Hygienic design” and abuse-testing confirmation by TÜV SÜD that “Dolavs withstand harsh conditions, better than other boxes tested.”

The Dolav Ace is a one-piece single moulding with integral runners. With no joints or crevices it eliminates the potential risk of trapped dirt and contamination. Consequently, the Dolav Ace is already widely used in the food industry. Notably, the Ace is selected to meet the rigorous hygiene demands of the Scandinavian fresh meat sector by Europe’s largest wholesaler

1 Depends upon the temperature, salt and iron content of the food being scanned and on the machinery being used.
2 CPG Sec. 555.425 Foods, Adulteration Involving hard or Sharp Foreign Objects.
It advises: Objects less than 7 mm in size represent a possible hazard, especially if a special-risk group (e.g., infants, elderly) is among the intended consumers of the product.

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