“When the DFA Internet auction is finished we sort the fish into Dolav boxes and export the fish in them mostly for filleting. Danish Fish Auctions is very happy with the Dolav box quality. We don’t need the insulation because the high-speed cool chain today is so good and so fast.”

“The Dolav box lasts us as long as the old insulated boxes and have the advantage that we don’t get contamination into the insulation material in the middle of the box wall. If we do have a broken Dolav box it would be very easy to repair before it goes back into production,” said Michael Lodahl.

At 36.5 kilo tare, about half the weight of same-capacity insulated boxes, the Dolav Ace shows a payload increase of 7-8%. The Ace is also about half the cost of typical insulated boxes and its long service life time can ensure pay back for years.

Since DFA started using its Dolav Ace boxes in March 2012 they have had no breakages. DFA knows any damage can be plastic welded to restore a broken box back to its normal fully-hygienic status. Indeed, the Dolav Ace has been confirmed as having ‘hygienic design’ by independent food science
and technology researchers at Campden BRI.

Fish by-product from processing is returned to Denmark in DFA’s Dolav boxes and used at production sites for pet food and fish meal. The Dolavs come back and DFA cleans them ready for the next cycle of fish export distribution to Holland and Germany.

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