Dave Brookes, Site Operations Manager at G & P Batteries, said, “G & P’s business is battery collection, sorting, storage and onward recycling. We collect batteries from CA [civic authority] waste sites, retail stores [e.g., Halfords, Sainsbury’s], and commercial and industrial sites.


The G & P service uses the Dolavs as returnable transit packaging (RTP) on a constant cycle between client sites and G & P’s Darlaston handling facility. Each G & P Dolav box makes hundreds of cyclical trips. G & P customers value the RTP durability of leak-proof Dolav Ace plastic box pallets. We use Dolav plastic pallet bins because they are ‘UN Approved’ and leak proof. G & P and our sister companies in Europe have been using Dolavs for around ten years and found them to be very durable. The feet and the bin are one complete unit moulding, so the feet don’t become disconnected,” said Dave Brookes.


G & P’s Dolav boxes are supplied with company identity, sequential numbering and UN Approval details hot die stamped on each box by Dolav before shipping.



On a CA household waste site, Ray Brandrick, site supervisor at SUEZ recycling centre near Walsall, said, “The general public bring household waste, including car batteries and household [portable] batteries. We store them in G & P’s Dolav boxes. G & P collect them and leave empty boxes. For us, the Dolav boxes have proved very efficient, very strong and durable. We have never had any batteries leaking from the Dolav boxes, which is excellent.”



In the commercial and industrial lead-acid battery sector Grant Brackley at NiBS (Northern Industrial Battery Services) comments on G & P and Dolavs, “We have been using Dolavs from G & P for about ten years. The Dolavs are functional, they don’t leak. They are rugged, easy to load and unload. Simple! We have a Dolav bin with the lid banded down, so it can’t come off and the batteries are perfectly enclosed and safe for transport and disposal. Describing NiBS business he said, “Our services include onsite inspection and testing of batteries on some very specialised sites, including a lot of nuclear sites. G & P provide us with an excellent service. They deliver empty Dolav bins, sometimes to our customers’ sites, where we fill them with waste batteries to be collected by G & P. It also means if there are any leaks with the scrap batteries we have no problems with it.”


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