As one of the leading producers of heavy duty, large box pallets, we understand the importance of safe storage and we are fully committed to providing the most secured solutions in terms of strength, safe stacking, and hygiene.


Today, different pallet box storage containers offered in the market are called “Dolavs”- even if they are not genuine Dolavs! We are proud our Box pallets became a reference for all the users in the market and although only the real Dolav users enjoy our quality, it’s an honor for us to be a market leader and brand reference.


Dolav’s Box pallets are very strong containers made of high quality plastic (HDPE) with a unique stackable method. Ideal for safe transport and storage, our pallet box storage containers can be customized according to every customer’s need.


We offer a wide range of personalization options to make sure our Box pallets meet every need. We also offer different accessories like lids, wheels, doors, hooks, drainage, locks, and more. In addition, every customer can stamp or emboss their own brand on the products and of course choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes.


We have spent more than four decades perfecting and adapting our different products to the needs and objectives of our clients. Dolav is focused on delivering the best solution for each sector. Our clients are our partners and their needs are our inspiration for making each and every product an effective solution to improve their work process and ROI.


We serve four main industries and deliver solutions specially designed for each market.


IN LOGISTICS, we understand the importance of strength, resistance, and smart stock management; three critical parameters for this industry. This is the reason Dolav offers durable and especially resistant pallet box storage containers, foldable solutions, and pallets. The unique stacking method provides stability and safe storage, and the thick and sturdy walls ensure durability against damage and wear over time, achieving a longer lifespan.

Besides the high quality, Dolav invests our main efforts into bringing the latest technologies and innovations. From GPS trackers, which reduce loss and allow for better stock control, to smart tagging as RFID or RFID/IML for unique identification and data management, Dolav delivers a complete solution to allow a secure, smart, and smooth logistics process.


THE FOOD INDUSTRY has a series of essential requirements to protect the safety of  food products, which is critical for this industry.

Dolav finds hygiene as an imperative demand and is totally committed to supply to the food processing companies with the most hygienic and safety solutions. Therefore, Dolav Box pallets are designed with advanced hygienic properties to allow smooth and clean internal walls with rounded corners, and thanks to one-piece molding, including the runners, there are no hidden dirt traps and the boxes are easy to clean.

Dolav also offers antimicrobial solutions, by a revolutionary method for permanent protection of the box against all common microbes including bacteria, mould, and fungi. This innovative solution set a new standard of hygiene, making Dolav Box pallets the hygienic and safe choice for sectors with such demand.

In addition to hygienic requirements, food safety is crucial for the food industry. Dolav offers pallet box storage containers with a food-approved detectable material additive, which allows the identification of plastic particles in food products using a standard metal detector for foreign objects detection.


THE AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY chooses Dolav Box pallets for the high hygienic standard level, strong impact resistance, and prolonged lifespan of the boxes.

Dolav , as a leading pallet box manufacturer, works in constant collaboration with agricultures, processors, and companies to listen to their needs and supply the most appropriate and durable solutions for the field. This is how a new pallet box, ALTO 1400was recently developed to replace the old, wooden box and allows for a much better performance with hygienic properties, according to the field request.

Another important advantage of Dolav’s containers is the extreme temperature resistance, both in cold storage rooms (up to -40C) or outdoors (+60C), due to a UV additive which provides protection from long-term sun exposure.

The high ROI, strength, and hygienic properties make the Dolav pallet box the ideal transport and storage solution for fruits and vegetables. This fact, together with our known capabilities for customization and personalization, ensure a safe handling during the entire process, from the harvest until the distribution of the produce to supermarkets.


THE RECYCLING INDUSTRY is known for its intensive and damaging use of box pallets. Our Dolavs are durable and especially resistant. The integrated runners provide great confidence upon tilting loaded boxes, and the strength of the box ensures high impact resistance to heavy-duty demands.

Dolav’s box pallets are very strong containers for storage and the safe transport of batteries, food waste, WEE, metals, and dangerous goods. A wide range of UN certified boxes allow the handling of hazardous substances, including low radiation material.

Today, we all understand the importance of sustainability and reusable packaging. Dolav has an eco-responsible approach and provides long lasting solutions that are not only reusable, but may also be recycled at the end of their useful life.


Dolav is no doubt the best partner for companies from different sectors and industries looking for high quality, customized, and innovative handling and storage solutions.

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