When it comes to transport, storage and handling solutions, our experience over the last 45 years comes in handy. Since the very first day, we are dealing with daily challenges in fast changing requirements and standards within the food industry. Luckily, we are able to find the perfect solution for every need and every application.


Foods and beverages are sensitive goods with high regulations concerning transportation and storage within the supply chain. Every step of the way from the production to the customer, common terms such as “cold chain”, “hygiene”, “contamination”, “stability” and “stickability” are frequently used to maintain both, high quality but also efficiency.


But how does DOLAV fit into those terms? Easy!

Our Solutions have the advantage that all those terms can be combined in one product. So wherever you are planning to implement pallet boxes you are on the safe side with our Products.


Let’s explore the details!


Vegetables and meat are very sensitive concerning temperature and development of germs, bacteria and other contaminations caused by false storage and handling management. Therefor cold chains along the supply chain are not only mandatory but also an effective method of keeping the goods fresh and eatable and prevent them for going bad. Depending on transport distance and purpose, freezing the goods is common practice. But temperatures down to -18°C or lower can be tough. In order to keep the foods safe, you need a load carrier that withstands such temperatures. Luckily, our material is not only reliable at +60° degrees, but also at -40°C! And of cause every degree in between.


Keeping your goods inside the bin safe is one point. The other is to avoid the transport of hidden contaminants within your plant and outside as well. Common reason for the spread of moulds and germs are hidden dirt traps. Such as sealed legs, two-part-solutions, unhygienic design. Every DOLAV guarantees you the highest hygiene standard there is on the market. This is thanks to: one-piece molding, certified hygienic design, and open construction. This combination makes it easy to clean the bin 100% and eliminate the risk of contamination.


To top it all off: regardless at what temperature foods and beverages are handled, how often you clean the bins, a DOLAV always proves stability. This is thanks to the one-piece molding, the unique DOLAV material and construction that provide smart storage solutions for every application and environment.


To sum it up


Providing safe foods and beverages is depending on what load carrier you choose. And when you do, there are several points to keep in mind: hygienic design, temperature resistance and durability. Because if you choose a pallet box that is strong, keeps contaminants away and performs relentlessly at any temperature, you will have a load carrier that will support your work processes at any time for a long-time which safes you not only money but also the efforts of re-procurement.

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