Return on Investment: 

Dolav box pallets are well known for their high quality and strength, the two main requirements to ensure a longer lifespan and better ROI. We are proud to say that in many sectors, our customers still keep using their Dolav box pallets bought decades ago. While other box pallets or containers are easily damaged, Dolav box pallets have a great impact resistance and are suitable for heavy-duty demands.

Additional features that ensure a longer product lifespan are the resistance to extreme temperatures (from -40C to +60C) and long-term sun exposure.

Another advantage for Dolav’s customers is the easy repair when mishandling occurs. This fact allows a very quick return of the box pallets back into full operation.

In conclusion, thanks to our unique technologies, Dolav is capable of producing strong yet flexible HDPE box pallets with very high impact resistance. This is the reason companies looking for high quality solutions choose Dolav and invest in long lasting products to get the best return on their investment.


Working with sectors such as the food industry, pharma and agriculture creates a commitment to hygiene compliance among the involved networks in each supply chain. Since hygiene plays a primary role in the quality and safety of these sectors,

Dolav gives top priority to this mandatory demand and endeavours to provide the most hygienic box pallets, pallets and foldable box pallets, for the safe transport, storage and handling of goods.

In addition to a very hygienic design, including integral runners, round corners and smooth, clean internal walls, Dolav took one-step ahead and developed a wide range of materials to offer the new generation of hygienic solutions.

Today our customers can order their box pallets with antimicrobial technology to avoid contamination due to microbes such as bacteria, mould and fungi to reduce the risk. Another significant innovation for food safety is our detectable material line. This is a special additive that allows the detection of plastic particles in food products using a standard metal detector. The combination of these factors makes Dolav the appropriate partner to deliver the most hygienic and safest solution for industries like Food, Agriculture, and Pharma.


Today, we are all aware of the importance of sustainability and its impact in so many aspects, not only environmental. Dolav is fully committed to this cause and works closely with the recycling industry, providing long lasting solutions designed for years of productive reuse. At the end of their lifespan, the box pallets can be recycled and returned for an additional period of useful operation. This way, we eliminate the need for non-returnable containers and help to reduce the environmental harm done by the use of one-trip boxes.

For companies looking to optimize their logistics by reducing transport and saving storage space, Dolav offers foldable box pallets (DFLC and KitBin) – the hygienic foldable solution on the market, for easy dissembling when empty.


Each industry, company, or client has a different need and the secret to achieving a real improvement in the work process is the identification and characterization of the special need to overcome any challenge with the right solution.

At Dolav, our customers are partners in the planning and development of customized products. We bring our expertise and dedicated engineering department to create products according to the customer’s needs and to find the solution for every unique demand. In the long term, companies using a customized and personalized product, especially developed to meet their needs, will enjoy better results and a more efficient working process.


Always one-step ahead, our goal is to deliver pioneering solutions, creative thinkingadvanced technologies and improved designs to supply better, smarter, and more effective products!

In recent years, we have developed:

1. A new line of Antimicrobial products for high hygienic demands.

2. Detectable material box pallets to contribute to a more “food safe ” world.

3-4. RFID IML labelling and GPS trackers for smarter stock management and

5. Antistatic technology for the safe handling of sensitive goods.

Our R&D team works relentlessly to maintain our long running product development and market leadership bringing new trends and solutions to overcome any new challenges the industry faces.

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