NEW Business Development Manager (Spain Wide)

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The Role:

The manager is responsible for the development of business in Spain and its efficient management.

To submit and meeting budgets.

To work full time for Dolav under a contract of employment which conforms to Spanish employment law and practice.

 (Other paid employment or association with organizations, which might compete with Dolav, is not permitted whilst employed by Dolav, or for an agreed period afterwards.)


  1. Preferred experience of materials handling, packaging and/or logistics.
  2. Must be sales oriented and competitive.
  3. Technical competence to communicate with potential customers and the factory.
  4. Computer literate, be able to report and communicate in English.
  5. Able to accept the pressures of initially working alone in the Spanish market and completing agreed tasks.
  6. Vision and entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. Successful sales record in B2B (at least 5 years)

Objectives in Spain

  1. To achieve agreed sales targets and develop a profitable sustainable business.
  2. To work closely with colleagues throughout the Dolav Group to build business relationships.
  3.  To build the Dolav Brand.
  4. To develop a marketing plan, supported by the Dolav Group.
  5. To work with major organisations, which can appreciate the technical advantages the use of Dolav products. Where major clients work internationally he/she will take the lead in representing the Dolav Group.
  6. He/she will provide the Dolav Group with advice on strategy and be constantly looking for opportunities for the Dolav Group. The prime objective of the subsidiary is to promote Dolav products and services and not to become a distribution centre for other manufacturers or to sell via distributors.


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